Agenda for Parish Council Meeting 08.01.19

Dishforth Parish Council

Clerk: Kate Scott

Yew Croft, Dishforth, YO7 3JU

Tel: 07935 860543. E-mail:

8th January 2019

Dear Councillors


You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Dishforth Parish Council, to be held on Tuesday 8th January at 7.15pm in the Dishforth Village Hall.

Kate Scott

Kate Scott (CLERK)

There will be a public session prior to the meeting and this will commence at 7.00pm.

(Members of the public will adhere to the rules set by the council for this session)


1. Reminder by the Chairman of the Council’s expectations for the audio or visual recording of this meeting

2. To receive apologies and approve reasons for absence

3. To receive any declarations of interest not already declared under the council’s code of conduct or members Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests


4. To confirm the minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 11th December as a true and correct record

5. To receive information on the following ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary:

5.1 Bank Mandate

5.2 Grange Close Parking

5.3 Broken Fence on A168

5.4 Dedication to David Wells

5.5 Grass cutting

5.6 Millennium Yew plaque

5.7 Play equipment in Topcliffe Road

6. To consider and decide upon the following planning applications:

6.1 APPLICATION NO: 6.26.369.A.REM 18/04606/REM

PROPOSAL: Reserved matters application for the erection of 4 dwellings with Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale considered under Outline Permission 17/04741/OUT.

LOCATION: Land Comprising Field At 438255 472815 Dishforth North Yorkshire

7. To receive the following planning decision/information


7.1 APPLICATION NO: 6.26.11.J.REM 18/04476/REM

PROPOSAL: Reserved matters application for the Erection of 5 no. dwellings (Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale considered) under Outline Permission 17/01573/OUT.

LOCATION: Land Off Back Lane Back Lane Dishforth North Yorkshire



8. Matters requested by councillors


8.1 Decide precepts for 2019

8.2 Buses speeding in the village

8.3 Paintballers speeding and speed limits for the airfield

8.4 Parking on both sides of the street around the village hill therefore leading to blockage


9. Financial matters

9.1. To approve the following accounts for payment:

9.1.1 K Scott Clerks Wages £93.80 Chq 000796

9.1.2 M Bullivant Grass Cutting £412.15 Chq 000797

9.1.3 S Reid Stationery £9.99 Chq 000798


9.2 To note the following payments previously authorised:



10. Village Hall

11. To consider the following new Correspondence received and decide action where necessary

12. To notify the clerk of matters for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting

13. Employment matters


14. To confirm the date of the next meeting as Tuesday 12th February 2019.


All Parish Councillors

Cllr M Atkinson

Cllr B Bateman

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