Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 09.10.18

Minutes of Dishforth Parish Council Meeting.

Date: 9th October 2018

Venue: Dishforth Village Hall

Present: Cllr Brown

Cllr Reid

Cllr Hanna

Cllr Williams

Cllr West

Cllr Atkinson

Attending: 15 Residents from the Village

Apologies for Absence: Cllr Bateman

There will be a public session prior to the meeting and this will commence at 7.00pm.

(Members of the public will adhere to the rules set by the council for this session)

15 members of the public

Issue with the speed the paintballers driving down to the playing fields. A speed limit below 60 mph cannot be placed on the road due to no street lighting. The council will write to the paintballing group to ask for their consideration whilst driving through the village as children are often around that area.

The grass cutting standards have deteriorated. The contract needs to be discussed with the grass cutter once again. Sidewalks are also a big issue as weeds are taking over the footpaths and the tarmac is breaking up. It has not been officially decided which footpaths would be repaired but the ones near the cemetery has been pointed out as particularly bad.

The email sent to Mike Parkes regarding the council’s opinion on planning application 17/04059/FULMAJ sent by Cllr Reid was brought up. The email was sent as the report showed an incorrect stance of the Parish council about the planning permission. The acting clerk at the time was asked to communicate the parish councils correct opinion.

Discussion about the dwellings to be built on Topcliffe Road. Parish council can only continue to object to planning permission on the grounds of sustainability. The initial planning application has changed but the Parish Council cannot directly object.

1. Reminder by the Chairman of the Council’s expectations for the audio or visual recording of this meeting

2. To receive apologies and approve reasons for absence-

Cllr Bateman was not in attendance

3. To receive any declarations of interest not already declared under the council’s code of conduct or members Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests- It was suggested that Cllr West may have an interest in an item later on in the agenda, but this would be decided as the meeting progressed.

4. To confirm the minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 11th as a true and correct record Cllr Reid said there was something missing and it was agreed to move the meeting on and return to this later.

5. To receive information on the following ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary:

5.1 Bank Mandate- planned on opening a new bank account at Barclays but have struggled with communication. Cllr Reid will ring Barclays but also other banks in the area which have local branches.

5.2 Grange Close Parking- Cllr Brown has given his email to encourage contact but has had no reply. The issue will continue to be investigated and we will chase it

further if we receive no response.

5.3 Broken fence on A168- Mrs West sent information requested at the last meeting and letter form NYCC was read. Due to the multiple change in ownership it is difficult to see who currently owns the land, but it is believed to be under Highways England ownership. It is dangerous as it is on a public footpath contact will be made to Highways England and the Footpath Officer as permission is needed to erect a new fence on the land.

5.4 Dedication to David Wells- the dedication can be put on the fence if it isn’t permanently fixed. Keith has volunteered to help.

5.5 Conditions of road in village and broken sign at entrance to Topcliffe road- sign has been replaced. Discussion earlier about the road conditions as well as the footpaths

5.6 Grass cutting- as discussed above, Cllr West has offered to look into the situation further.

5.7 Mobile phone communication for Clerk/caretaker- ongoing. No action at the moment as village hall enquiries are being dealt with quickly and it isn’t an issue as of present.

6. To consider and decide upon the following planning applications:

6.1 APPLICATION NO 6.26.373.FUL 18/04065/FUL

PROPOSAL – Erection of single storey extension

LOCATION Jacques House, Dishforth, YO7 3JU

Councillors need to look online to access the planning diagrams and comment before 25th October if they have any issues regarding the planning application.

7. To receive the following planning decision/information


PROPOSAL- Erection of 56 dwellings, associated garaging, walls and fences installation of railing and gates and formation of associated access, hardstanding landscaping and bin store

LOCATION Land Comprising Field At 438371 473369 Topcliffe Road Dishforth YO7 3LX


Cllr West brought up issues with noise possibly contributing to future health issues, in relation to planning applications

8. Matters requested by councillors

8.1 Data protection- not a big issue as we don’t hold any data. Should redact personal information when sending/forwarding emails but will discuss this for further clarification with the YLCA.

8.2 Commuted sum representative- Cllr West volunteered to be the commuted sum representative to encourage further communication about allocated funds. It’s important that the money is spent where the village feels it is most necessary. It is important that there is frequent communication between Cllr West and the Parish Council. No councillors had any objections about him taking the role as commuted sum representative provided all councillors are kept informed..

8.3 Provision of a village youth club- Cllr West suggested a youth club for the children in the village, especially in the winter months when there are fewer activities. To gauge interest a leaflet will be put out about the youth club. It will also include a message about the dog fouling in the village and a village odd jobs group, the leaflet will be delivered by the caretaker.

8.4 Formation of a village odd jobs team- this will be added to the leaflet previously mentioned.

8.5 Parish Council accounts- Still with auditors, we hope to receive them by next Parish Council Meeting.

8.6 Letter/email sent by Cllr Reid to Mike Parkes- issue was raised earlier in the meeting. Cllr West brought up that his name was mentioned in the email, but it was discussed that his name was mentioned as he was the one who had been speaking at the planning permission meeting as a member of the public.

9. Financial matters

9.1 To approve the following accounts for payment

9.1.1 NY Web Solutions for September Maintenance £30.00

9.1.2 Michael Bullivant £412.15

9.1.3 Kate Scott, Clerks Wages £126.00

9.1.4 S Reid, Stationery £16.58

9.2 To note the following payments previously authorised:

9.3 To receive the Financial Report for the Parish Council for the month of September 2018- letter read aloud by Cllr Brown and signed.

10. Village Hall

10.1 To receive the Monthly Report for September 2018

10.2 To receive the Financial Report for the month of September 2018

It was agreed that these would now be done on a quarterly basis.

11. To consider the following new Correspondence received and decide action where necessary

12. To notify the clerk of matters for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting

13. Employment matters

13.1 To discuss the appointment of Kate Scott as Parish Clerk, including renumeration

It was agreed that Kate would be appointed as the Parish Clerk, on standard terms,

with a 3 month probationary period. Cllr Reid is to oversee Kates training. Starting salary is to be £9.34 per hour, to be reviewed as Kate gains experience. Cllr Reid will arrange an appointment letter, contract of employments and necessary details with HMRC.

13.2 RFO

Cllr Reid will take on the role of RFO

13.3 Village Hall Clerk

Cllr Brown is currently filling this role.

14. To confirm the date of the next meeting as Tuesday 13th November 2018.


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