Draft Minutes of PArish Council Meeting 11.12.18

Minutes of Dishforth Parish Council Meeting.

Date: 11th December 2018

Venue: Dishforth Village Hall

Present: Cllr Brown

Cllr Reid

Cllr Hanna

Cllr West

Cllr Williams

Attending: 7 Residents from the Village

Apologies for Absence: Cllr Atkinson and Cllr Bateman

A minute’s silence was taken at the start of the meeting for John Dearlove.

Letter for Christmas meals have been completed and a date has been agreed. Hilary requires a receipt for the cheque.

Tried to make contact regarding sweeping leaves to stop drain blockage but to no success, obvious flooding issue. Still no replies received by the council regarding the work that was supposed to be done on the pavements.

A couch has been tipped at the top of the village over the fence. The Cllrs have been informed and will investigate the appropriate action to take

1. Reminder by the Chairman of the Council’s expectations for the audio or visual recording of this meeting

2. To receive apologies and approve reasons for absence- Cllr Atkinson is attending a training course in Harrogate and Cllr Bateman has an injury so cannot be present.

3. To receive any declarations of interest not already declared under the council’s code of conduct or members Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests- none declared.


4. To confirm the minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 13th November as a true and correct record- noted from at the meeting of the 13th November 2018, that Cllr West had mentioned that he was worried about the delay with the accounts and to prevent this from happening again offered to take the role of RFO but Cllr Reid assured the councillors that now she has the necessary experience the accounts will be on time next financial year.

5. To receive information on the following ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary:

5.1 Bank Mandate– still deciding about a bank meaning the issue is ongoing. Cllr Brown mentioned the process has been ongoing for too long, so it was agreed that Cllr Reid and Cllr Hanna will have joined the new bank by the January Council meeting.


5.2 Grange Close Parking- Cllr Brown attended a meeting, representing Dishforth school, regarding the Dishforth School car park. There was discussion about the area they wanted to put the car park and issues regarding the development near the school that may impact on this. There was also talk about where the site entrance would be in relation to the school. Nothing has been confirmed but more information should be available by the meeting in January. Clerk will find the correct contact information for the person in charge of Grange Close parking due to no response from them. Cllr Reid will draft a letter regarding the lack of a signed 106 agreement from the developers and the parish council will contact the legal team. High priority due to the school’s importance to the village.

5.3 Broken Fence on A168 –the county council have no opposition to us repairing the fence ourselves. Highways England has also apologised for the late response and have said they will look into the records of ownership and respond promptly. We have a sponsor and are happy to repair the fence from the track side ourselves.


5.4 Dedication to David Wells- information has been passed on about the dedication and the plaque will be ready for the February meeting.

5.5 Grass cutting- Cllr West produced a grass cutting map for the cemetery area and will draft another for the remainder of the village for January. The grasscutter needs to be contacted to see if this needs to be added to his contract and if the council is happy to extend the contract.


6. To consider and decide upon the following planning applications:

6.1 APPLICATION NO: 6.26.71.C.FUL 18/04825/FUL

PROPOSAL: Erection of 3 no. dwellings and alterations to access.

LOCATION: Falklands Lingham Lane Dishforth YO7 3LE – needs to be looked at before 13th December so requires a Cllr decision soon. No comments logged on website, no objections. Cllr Reid doesn’t see any planning ground objections. Cllr Hanna and Cllr Williams have no objections. The Cllrs neither agree nor disagree.

7. To receive the following planning decision/information

7.1 APPLICATION 6.26.373.FUL 18/04065/FUL

PROPOSAL: Erection of single storey extension.

LOCATION: Jacques House Dishforth Thirsk North Yorkshire YO7 3JU


8. Matters requested by councillors


8.1 Letter of thanks to Suzanne- Cllr West mentioned that this had been brought up at a previous meeting but hadn’t yet been carried out. Cllr Reid has agreed to draft a letter and send it around the councillors to sign.

8.2 Year End Accounts- the accounts should arrive before the meeting in January and Cllr Reid will publish them on the village notice board and website when she receives them. Cllr West reiterated that the accounts were late and his concern due to this fact. Cllr Wets mentioned he has experience with accounts so would be happy to take on the role. Cllr Reid has said her experience now will allow her to complete the accounts more efficiently this year. Cllr Brown mentioned the PC should see a draft of the issues with the accounts, so they can make a comment on them.

8.3 Brass plaque for the Millennium Yew in the cemetery- Cllr West mentioned purchasing a plaque for the Yew Tree which recognises its significance and contains information about the Yew. Cllrs agreed to the idea and Cllr West will go ahead with the purchase stand

8.4 Toddlers play equipment in Topcliffe Road-Cllr West has a donor for a small swing set for toddlers in the tree area near the cemetery. This is particularly important of the new and current residents of the village as there are few areas for toddlers. Cllr West will look into the use of commuted sums for the play equipment and has already received prices for the pieces of equipment. Cllrs all support the idea.


9. Financial matters

9.1. To approve the following accounts for payment:

9.1.1 Michael Bullivant Grass Cutting £412.15 Chq 000793

9.1.2 Kate Scott Clerks Wages £112.56 Chq 000794

9.1.3 Oliver Corbett Web Maintenance £59.98 Chq 000795

Cheques signed


9.2 To note the following payments previously authorised:


There have been no payments made since the last PC meeting on 13.11.18

Cllr Brown read aloud the financial report for November.



10. Village Hall- Cllr West mentioned a charity commission and has been put down as the contact information as he is a trustee and has previous experience with charity work.


11. To consider the following new Correspondence received and decide action where necessary- no new correspondence

12. To notify the clerk of matters for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting-

Decide precepts- Cllr Reid will do a report on expenditures before the meeting so a decision can be made at the meeting.

Busses speeding in village- Cllr Reid has the number plate of one of the buses caught speeding and has agreed to follow the complaint up,

Paintballers speeding- will write to the paintballers in an official capacity concerning speeding and will take the matter further if there is no response.

13. Employment matters

13.1 New Pay Scales for year 2019-20 –the new pay scales will come into effect in April. In April the Clerk’s employment will be reviewed.


14. To confirm the date of the next meeting as Tuesday 8th January 2019.

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