The cemetery has been overseen by Dishforth Parish Council since the late 1800s the land having being donated to the Parish Council by the Swiers family.


Up until the 1st February, 2014, a Grave Reservation fee was payable which was deductible from the purchase price appertaining at the time of death.
From the 1st February, 2014 the reservation fee will be the same as the purchase price applicable for the plot on the date of reservation with nothing further to be paid other than the interment fee applicable at the time of death.

Reservations for non-residents of the Parish will be double the normal fee unless otherwise agreed by the Parish Council.

Fees & Specifications

A full copy of the Byelaws and Regulations is available from the Parish Council – the following is an extract of the Regulations relating to Memorials:

  • Graves should be at 4 feet 6 inch Centres
  • The maximum permitted width of a Headstone is 2 feet 6 inches and the maximum height is 3 feet leaving 2 feet between Stones
  • Any kerbs should be set at ground level
  • Cremated Plaques should be 12” x 15” and laid flat in the ground in the Garden of Rest

All Memorials must be placed in accordance with the latest specifications of the Code of Practice of the National Association of Memorial Masons which is to drill and introduce 16mm stainless steel dowels between all joints and one (or two in some cases) stainless steel 24” x 38mm ground anchor from the Memorial into the ground.

A Certificate of Compliance to the NAMM Code of Working Practice and/or a 30 Year Guarantee covering the fixation of the Memorial must be issued to the owner of the Memorial with a copy being supplied to the Parish Council with clear details on both copies of the Grave Number and the Masons’ Signature.


Plot 100.00
Interment – Single 150.00
Interment – Double 350.00
Children under the age of 12 years 100.00

Cremated Remains:

Plot 50.00
Interment of Ashes 50.00


Single Space 50.00
Double Space 80.00
Additional Inscription 25.00
Vase 25.00
Memorial Trees (up to 15 feet high) 40.00
Cremated Tablet 50.00

Plot Reservations:

Single Plot 100.00
Cremated Plot 50.00


Fees do not include labour.
Non-Residents of the Parish – Double Fees or at the discretion of the Parish Council.
Row A is reserved for the Swiers Family and no Fees are payable.


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