Dishforth Action Group was appointed by the Parsih Council at it’s meeting on 11th October 2016 to act on behalf of the Parish council in progressing a Neighbourhood Plan.  It was minuted on the 8th November to proceed with the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan.

At a meeting of the Dishforth Action Group on 29 November various focus groups were established and Chairpersons appointed.

Six focus groups were established:

Finance & Legal

G Midgley (Chair), S Hebb (Deputy), K West

Sustianability & Technical

S Hunter (Chair), D Calderwood, J Jones, P Yendall

School & Education

J Herbert (Chair), S Anderson, J Yendall, L Chester, H Knisis

Leisure & Lifestyle

S Donoghue (Chair), A Hebb, J Chambers, D Midgley, G Midgley, M Ball, R Hare, D Hare

Development & Planning

G West (Chair), N Boole

Website, Administration & Communication  S Reid,, O Corbett (Website design), P Brown, L Chester, M Renals (database design and data protection)

At the Parsih Council meeting on 13 December Sue Reid was appointed as Parish Council representative for the Neighbourhood Plan