Prposed Motorway Services at Kirby Hill

Subject: Proposed Motorway Services at Kirby Hill

Kirby Hill & District Parish Council
Marton-le-Moor Parish Council
Langthorpe Parish Council
Skelton-cum-Newby Parish Council
Dishforth Parish Council
Roecliffe-with-Westwick Parish Council
Boroughbridge Town Council
Boroughbridge Area Joint Parish Councils

31st January 2018

Dear Councillors

On behalf of Kirby Hill RAMS, I’d like to thank you for previously supporting the local community’s strong objection to proposed Motorway Services at Kirby Hill, in a campaign that has successfully prevented this development for 22 years now.

The most recent scheme, brought forward last summer by Applegreen plc, attracted a total of 182 individual objections against the planning application. This I’m sure was one of the reasons Applegreen decided to withdraw the planning application before Christmas.

Now, Applegreen are back with what they claim is a ‘re-submission’ of the original application, but it is in fact a revised application. The plans and designs are the same, but the application contains some new reports attempting to justify the design and the environmental impacts.

Our concern is that the 182 objections to the previous application, including any you may have made as individuals or as a Council, no longer count. The new planning application, reference number 18/00123/EIAMAJ, is now available online on the Harrogate Planning Portal. Please would you review and consider objecting again to the new application, by the deadline of 16th February 2018?

In our view, there is no material change that would make the new application any more acceptable than previous ones. Kirby Hill RAMS believe that permission should be refused because there is NO NEED for an MSA at Kirby Hill and such a massive development in the open countryside between Kirby Hill/Langthorpe and Marton-le-Moor/Dishforth would cause SUBSTANTIAL HARM to the local area. We are also concerned about the adverse effect that a large retail forecourt with many outlets and two petrol filling stations would have on the Boroughbridge economy, where local shops and services currently benefit from passing trade on the A1(M).

Attached is a copy of a leaflet we have sent to local residents, for your information.